The dedicated research and development team at Sysoi is working for the development of new technologies. In our belief the development is only way to progress. The social need and industrial desires can only be filled with the value of technological development.
Since establishment, Sysoi is continuously working on the delivering latest technologies as the solution to its associated clients and partners.

Some of the ongoing projects are:
  • SysUAV
  • GloboSearch
  • Aesthetcobot
  • MicroAnalyst
  • VividSyscon
  • DeltaTrace
  • Object Oriented DbD
  • Integrated Sync Framework for PHP
  • Lex (beta)
  • Humanoid Integrated Digital Interface
  • Obsolete data identification process and mining

Apart above listed research works many other open research have been undertaken by students, academicians, researchers, and professionals at Sysoi Open World. You may join the team send your abstract at